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Site Selection

Cantina Construction Site Selection

At Cantina Construction, we’re involved and invested in our clients success from the very beginning. Our construction manager, design professionals, and contractors visit the construction site to collaborate and benefit from shared insights and expertise.

We take a holistic approach to all projects. Starting at a foundational level, we understand that a bad layout can cause critical construction issues, limited materials and key personnel and restrictions that can negatively impact a project

Design is an integral part of the process and we pay close attention to the layout of the building on the site to ensure optimal use of space, while providing helpful input to construction managers.


Cantina Construction

Before we break ground or talk about design, we create a project scope. This pre-project planning phase is essential for any project’s success. Defining the project scope is a collaborative effort with the owner. At Cantina Construction, we listen to the perspective, concerns and goals of the owner, and ensure the project scope accurately reflects the objectives discussed.

We analyze the risks, projected payoff, project alternatives and organization plans. Thinking through each scenario, concern and goal allows the team to better partner with owners and create a successful project.


Cantina Construction

Good design that is functional, organized and optimized for end use of the building is at the heart of Cantina Construction. We take the time to listen to the needs and goals of the owners and our design professionals are dedicated to creating a space that is ideal and operational.

Each building is unique, so we treat it as such–with care, creativity and expertise. Contact Cantina Construction and let’s talk about how we can design your perfect space.


Cantina Construction Construction

Since our approach at Cantina Construction is holistic and integrated, once we have a project scope and design in place, we move into construction planning.

Our construction planning team is seasoned in creating dynamic plans that consider contingencies, technical aspects, design, materials, labor and owner goals.

While our team adheres to best-in-class industry standards, we also realize the substantial differences in each building.  We stay focused on the big picture, while ensuring every detail is considered.

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